On Thursday, October 17, 2013 more than 30 people were victims of a rear end collision when the bus they were riding was collided by a tow truck in Pompano Beach, Florida.  Fire Rescue responded and transported the victims among several local hospitals; including Imperial Point, North Broward General, Northwest Medical Center and Holy Cross Hospital. The collision involved a tow truck from Auto Club Towing in Hollywood, Florida.  The collision occurred on Sample Road close to Andrews Ave. in Pompano Florida, as the bus was allegedly pulling over. What is immediately disconcerting in any bus collision of this nature, is the likelihood of bodily injury.  County buses are generally not equipped with either safety restraint devices or air bags for the passengers and therefore a passenger inside of a county bus is vulnerable to be thrown about the interior of the bus upon an impact or sudden stop.  As we also know, much of the interior of a Broward County bus is not padded and has hard surfaces and metal appliances which can increase the likelihood of more significant injuries. If the bus driver was found to be even partially at fault, any claimant intending to be fully compensated would have to first have to properly “notice” their claim against Broward County, pursuant to Chapter 768.28 of the Florida Statutes (entitled “Sovereign Immunity”).  The Sovereign Immunity Statute limits the claimant’s right to recover, as well as restricts the amount of attorney’s fees that can be charged to be represented by a lawyer in a claim against the County. For further discussion regarding Bus accidents please contact the Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Attorneys at the Schulman Law Group at 954-349-3300, 1-877-529-0444 or at info@www.schulaw.com