A 42-year-old woman that sustained severe injuries in a Broward County car accident was recently awarded $150,000 by a Fort Lauderdale jury.  Just before the collision, the Broward County woman was on her way to pick up her son from school, when the driver in front of her made an illegal left turn in front of her vehicle, causing the accident.

The negligent driver who caused the car accident had apparently tried to make a left hand turn from a side street, and because it was done so abruptly, the Florida woman had no chance to take any evasive measures or avoid the collision in any way.

The negligent driver’s insurance company was involved in negotiations with the injured woman, however, they were only willing to make small offers that were vastly inadequate to compensate the injured Florida driver for her extensive damages.  It was at that point when she filed suit against the negligent driver.  Unfortunately, Florida law forces injured drivers to bring lawsuits against an at-fault driver and not their insurer, because no mention of an at-fault driver’s insurance coverage is allowed.  The (misguided) rationale behind this law, aside from powerful insurance industry lobbying, is that jurors may be willing to award injured Florida plaintiff’s more money if they know the driver won’t be footing the bill and that their insurance company ultimately will.

Despite these potential roadblocks created by insurance lobbyists, this Broward County woman was successful in her pursuit of justice and was well-compensated for the injuries she sustained.

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