Authorities are searching for a hit and run driver after a deadly Florida golf cart accident this week, where the driver of a car allegedly struck the golf cart with two passengers inside.

The female victim was flown by helicopter to a nearby hospital where she later died.  The male passenger was listed in stable condition.  The vehicle that allegedly struck the Florida residents’ golf cart was described to police by witnesses of the accident, but the vehicle has not yet been located.

Certain areas of Florida are unique in that motorists are forced to share the roadways with other vehicles such as golf carts and bicycles, which are both legally allowed to use the roads. However, these vehicles can also disrupt the flow of traffic because they generally travel at a lower speed, even more so in areas where no additional lanes are available for cars to pass.

Because of this, it is especially important for drivers of both traditional motor vehicles and other types to take extra precaution when driving in proximity to each other on busy roadways. The vast difference in weight and speed between cars and vehicles like golf carts normally leave those operating them particularly vulnerable.  Weston, Florida golf cart occupants are often left exposed and accidents involving golf carts frequently result in occupants being ejected from the golf cart where proper safety precautions are not taken.  The unfortunate outcome is that the driver or passengers involved in Florida golf cart accidents are often left with significant permanent injuries.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a Weston or Fort Lauderdale Florida golf cart accident, it is important to contact a skilled, experienced Fort Lauderdale golf cart accident attorney, to ensure that your interests are adequately protected and competently represented.

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