The Benefits of Having Uninsured Motorist Coverage on your Auto Policy

Many times drivers are not exactly sure what types of coverage they have on their auto policy, but are quick to say they have “full coverage.” Unfortunately, by the time someone realizes that they do not actually have “full coverage,” it’s usually too late. Auto insurance policies offer various types of coverage, some of which

Florida Lawmakers Continue to Probe the Viability of PIP Insurance

Florida Dept. of Financial Services officials are currently seeking outside funding to conduct a study weighing the benefits of Florida’s no-fault auto insurance, also known as “PIP” Insurance, and whether the state would be better served to drop the coverage requirement. In March of 2012, legislation was introduced claiming to eliminate an estimated $1 billion

The End of No-Fault Insurance in Florida?

State lawmakers are contemplating ending Florida’s no-fault auto insurance system.  A new law could nix the current system in 2019 and is being done in response to the allegedly increasing problem of insurance fraud.  Like any state, Florida insurers have faced fraud and insist that no-fault is to blame.  Lawmakers claim that this will help

Snowbirds Should Double-Check Auto Coverage

Recent studies have revealed that many snowbirds who drive to warmer states throughout the winter may not have the auto insurance coverage they need as they move from one region of the country to the next. Every year, there are approximately one million people who come to Florida for the winter.  While many are coming

Unlicensed, Uninsured Drivers a Growing Problem in Florida

With hundreds of thousands of drivers involved in motor vehicle accidents each day, is there any way to determine how many of these motorists are legally permitted to be operating a vehicle? Data obtained in recent research done by the Florida Highway Patrol show just over 13 percent of drivers in Duval, Clay and St.